We provide Car Insurance Renewal services below are few simple steps to start renewing or buying your car insurance. However, if you wish to talk to our consultants, you may call us at 06-6760000 or leave your details with us and we shall call you back. Click here to let us call you back.

1. Find Out Whats Your NCD Value

NCD (Non-Claim Discount) is a discount that you get for your insurance renewal. Maximum NCD value is 55%. NCD value will increase every year, unless you have made claim to the insurance company (due to accident etc).

2. Find Your Car Market Value

You may find out the market value from insurance agents or from our online system. From the market value, insurance agents would be able to determine the appropriate insured amount.
If you have all the details pertaining to your car, such as the engine number and chassis number, it would help greatly to determine whats your current car value to be insured.
You would probably get email or letter from your previous insurance company which may include your car engine number and chassis number as well in their email/letter.

Provide us the necessary information, we will advise you on the coverage and premium amount.Simple as that.